FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

Current information on the coronavirus


Appeal by the President

Information letter on face-to-face teaching situations

3G at FHWS: Where can I get tested?

Up to 30 November, students can access the following testing stations for free.

Würzburg city and administrative district

Links: Test center Würzburg city and test center administrative district Würzburg

  • 11 Oct to 30 Nov: free testing for students at testing center Talavera in Würzburg

Schweinfurt city and administrative district

Links: Tests in Schweinfurt city and administrative district and mobile testing bus

  • 11 Oct 2021 to 30 Nov 2021: free tests for students at testing centre Theatre Schweinfurt

Amendment to deviation statute for the summer semester 2021 (21 May 2021)

In its last meeting, the FHWS Senate decided on issuing an amendment to the deviation statute for the summer semester 2021.

The deviation statute (consolidated version) now provides the following additional regulations:

  • There are no consequences if you do not take an exam for which you have registered
  • "Freischussregelung", i. e. exams taken and failed are not counted as failed attempt for the number of attempts possible (exception: failed due to cheating).

Deviation statute for the summer semester 2021 (19 Mar 2021)

(19 Mar 2021)
In its meeting on 15 March 2021, the FHWS Senate decided on issuing another deviation statute for the summer semester 2021. Signed by the President Prof. Dr. Grebner, it was published on 18 March 2021.

Note the most important difference for the summer semester 2021 against the winter semester 2020/21: Registration for exams is mandatory again. The deviation statute provides the following regulations:

  • Possibility to change the type of exams
  • Extension of exam deadlines
  • Internship module may be completed in disjointed blocks (instead of continuous period)

Information about the consequnces of an extension of exam deadlines, please refer to the FAQ page of the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

FHWS Hygiene Policy

On 9 October 2020, FHWS adopted a comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 Protection and Hygiene Policy, which is regularly updated since. The currently valid version is published here and available for download:

FAQ and information for students

Please follow the link to find anwers to frequently asked questions by students.

Information on how the semester will start in your degree programme are available from the info page for new students.

Independent from the COVID-19 situation, our 1st semester students can find introductory information and tips on getting started at FHWS in the FHWS Intranet.

Management at FHWS

For FHWS members, more information as well as all circular letters are available on Corona news page in the FHWS Intranet. In addition, there is a collection of frequently asked questions: FAQ for staff (in German only).

Access to FHWS buildings

All FHWS buildings will be open for in-person events and classes. All people attending must be able to show proof of either vaccination, recent testing or recovery from COVID-19. Due to the FHWS Hygiene Policy, the safety distance of 1.5m must be maintained whenever possible, regular washing of hands and wearing of medical masks is mandatory.

People are prohibited from entering FHWS buildings if they:

  • show any of the typical symptoms of COVID-19 (such as trouble breathing, coughing, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste),
  • are required to quarantine or
  • have recently been tested positive for or diagnosed with COVID-19

Information by the Studentenwerk

For current information about counselling services, BAföG, Canteens and other pandemic related information, please refer to the Corona news page of the Studentenwerk.

FAQ of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts offers further information on the coronavirus in relation to higher education, research and cultural life: FAQ - Grundlegendes zum Hochschulbetrieb, zur Forschung und zum kulturellen Leben [in German]