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FAQ for Students

FAQ about health, safety, hygiene

Is there a current hygiene policy at FHWS?

The Hygiene Policy in the version currently valid is available for download from the FHWS website.

A lot of important information about the current situation and regualtions at FHWS can also be found in the FHWS Intranet.

What do I have to do if I have had contact to a person with COVID-19?

If you have had contact to a person who has been tested positive for COVID-19, please inform immediately gesundheitsschutz[at]fhws.de.

From this day, you must not enter FHWS for the next 14 days except you can prove that you haven’t contracted COVID-19 yourself by presenting a negative Corona test result.

You also have to wait to see if the local health authority contacts you and registers you as a category I contact person.

I'm exempted from the obligation to wear a mask. What's important to know?

A medical certificate stating only the general exemption from the obligation to wear a mask is no longer sufficient from 9 November 2020.

  • Your a student or teaching staff?
    Then your medical certificate must state that you can neither wear a conventional mask (usually textile) nor a certified transparent mask (usually plastic).
    If you can indeed wear neither or the maximum wearing period of either is below 100 minutes (course duration + arrival/exit time), you will have to recognize that the courses affected will have to be switched to purely digital courses. This is to protect yourself, but also all others in the same room with you.
  • You work outside the field of teaching?
    In this case, too, the medical certificate must state that you cannot wear a certified transparent mask and the maximum wearing period of a conventional mask.
    If you the medical certificate still states a complete exemption from the obligation to wear a mask, then you and your superior have to examine which of your tasks can be carried out when working from home. This may also include the allocation of other tasks. In addition, the medical certificate may be reviewed by the occupational health service.
Is the physical attendance of students in class being documented?

Tu fulfill the requirements of documenting the attending students of in-presence classes, a Moddle registration system has been set in place.
In consideration of data security guidelines, students have to "check in" to the in-presence class.
The private information (name, ID, semester and degree programme) is stored safely and will be deleted after reaching the required period of data storage.

Are there rules concerning the walking directions inside the buildings?

The obligation to walk on the right side of the hallway is set in place. In heavily frequented areas, additional information about the correct walking directions is given.

Do I have to notify FHWS that I have COVID-19?

Yes, please notifiy FHWS by sending an e-mail to gesundheitsschutz[at]fhws.de.

This address is exclusively administrated by members of the FHWS management. You can therefore be sure that this information will not become generally known.
However, the notification is necessary because the university is obliged to report any COVID-19 cases to the public health department (Gesundheitsamt) so that a risk assessment can be carried out if necessary.

Do I have to wear a face mask at FHWS?

Yes, wearing a simple mouth and nose protection (community mask) is compulsory since 20 April 2020. This not only applies to within buildings, but also to all FHWS grounds outside the buildings - everywhere where you meet or could meet people.

Where are the disinfectant dispensers?

At each main entrance to FHWS, disinfectant dispensers are installed. In Schweinfurt, there is an additional dispenser at the entrance from the staff parking close to the electronic time-clock.

How do I know if I belong to an at-risk group?

Please note the information for members of at-risk groups.

Questions about exams or regulations from the deviation statutes

Why are the exams at FHWS not exclusively online? (14 Jan 21)

At the start of the winter semester 2020/21, the deviation statutes offered the possibility to change the exam type stipulated in the study and examination regulations. This made it possible to implement types of exams where attendance is not required (e.g. written assignments, portfolio assignments) in some modules and faculties.

In addition, the Bavarian regulation on testing remote exams issued in September 2020 was the basis to develop digital exam types which are tested for the first time also for written exams (remote exams).

Both measures have led to a reduction in the number of face-to-face exams compared to regular semesters. However, not in every degree programme and in every module is an online or remote exam useful or appropriate to determine the acquisition of competences.

Where can I find the deviation statutes for the summer/winter semester? (UPDATE)

The deviation statutes are available from the FHWS website or from the following links:

What are the changes in the deadlines for exams? (7 Dec 2021)

On their FAQ page, the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) provides an overview of exam deadlines with regard to the deviation statutes for the summer as well as for the winter semester.

FAQ on the course or start of the winter semester

How are the plans for the summer semester 2021?

At the moment, we cannot foresee that the risk of danger from COVID-19 will have decreased to such an extent that comprehensive on-site operations will be possible by the beginning of the summer semester 2021.

In terms of infection prevention, FHWS has no alternative than to plan as well as start the summer semester 2021 as a digital semester again. Courses requiring special labs or workrooms as well as courses in which skills and competences must be taught face-to-face in personal attendance should take place as on-site courses. The postponement of courses into the winter semesters 2021/22 must be avoided.

If the infection situation is declining, there may be the possibility to offer courses where online classes are combined with individual face-to-face classes in addition to the above mentioned courses with special room requirements, if and as far as the reduced room capacity allows. If infections decrease considerably and prevention and control measures are loosened accordingly, regular on-site teaching and learning may be resumed.

All on-site courses, however, will always be bound by the Bavarian Infection prevention and control measures, further regulation by the local authorities as well as the FHWS Hygiene Policy valid at the time they take place.

What are the lecture periods in the summer semester 2021?

The Department of Student Affairs (HSST) publishes the academic calendar on their website, where you will find all important semester dates such as lecture-free days, semester breaks, special application deadlines and many more.

Tip: Check their page from time to time as there may be updates due to the coronavirus situation.

Where can I find information for first year students?

If you take up your studies at FHWS in the summer semester 2021, you find important information on the page for our first year students.

What format (virtual or face-to-face) will the courses have?

Conducting face-to-face lectures is a top priority for FHWS. If the current hygiene and distance rules still apply, a reduced presence operation with a high virtual portion must be assumed due to the higher space requirement.

Should I rent a room/apartment in Würzburg or Schweinfurt?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question, as it depends strongly on your personal situation. If you come from the immediate vicinity, then renting an apartment at the study location is probably not necessary. If you have a further journey from your home address, we would strongly recommend renting an apartment.

Basically, living at the place of study is recommended because you will have better contact to your fellow students and you will be able to participate in face-to-face events very quickly at any time.

Please also note that we cannot guarantee that every lecture will be available as a recording.

Has the academic calendar / the examination period changed?

The current version of our Academic Calendar is available from the pages of the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

Tip: Check their page from time to time as there may be updates due to the COVID-19 situation.

FAQ on opening hours, services, accessibility of facilities

Is the library open? (25 Jan 21)

Due to the new Bavarian regulation, the FHWS Library remains closed for the time being. For more information, please refer to the pages of the FHWS Library.

  • Update 25 Jan 2021 - 7:30: For the time being, emergency services for borrowing and returning items could be resumed. Note that under the current regulation an FFP2 mask is required when collecting pre-ordered items.

Update 18 Dec 2020 - 10:45: Due to the lates ruling (German only) of the State Ministry of Health emergency services for borrowing and returning items had to be stopped

How can I validate my FHWS Card?

Access to validation machines is possible Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 20:00.

  • Würzburg: Entrance Münzstraße 12 (validation machines at other sites are not accessible)
  • Schweinfurt: Entrance Fritz-Drescher-Straße (circular building Rundbau)
Can I use the copy machines and/or printers inside FHWS?

No, this is not possible for the time being. Students may only enter the buildings for specific purposes.

Please note that the copy machines/printers in the FHWS Library are not accessible either.

Do I need a valid FHWS Card to open the barrier to the car park?

No, you don't. The barrier to the car park in Schweinfurt can be opened with a non-validated FHWS Card. If you want to use the car park in Schweinfurt, you won't have to valdidate your FHWS Card to do so.

Is the Media Centre (HMZ) open?

Loans and returns are only possible under certain conditions. Please always check the website of HMZ (only available in German)  for current information.



May I stay in FHWS buildings to use, for example, the free WiFi connection? (06 May 2020)

Students are generally not allowed to enter FWHS buildings.
Allowed exceptions are listed on the FHWS Corona page

How can I top up my FHWS Card in Schweinfurt to use the washing machines in the student dormitories? (25 Jan 21)

Access to the top-up machine (Building 7/Canteen) is possible Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 16:00.

Note that an FFP2 mask ist required, if you connect your visit to the top-up machine with collecting pre-ordered items from the library.

What are the opening hours of the Department of Student Affairs (HSST)?

The Department of Student Affairs (HSST) is still closed to the public.

Please use the contact form available on their website. For all documents, you can use the post boxes at FHWS or use the upload in the contact form.

Questions by Internationals

Where do I find information for international applicants/students?

We assume that it will continue to be difficult to enter Germany from some countries or that visas will not be issued. As far as possible, we will offer virtual classes independent of classroom instruction.

Information for international applicants/students can be found on the website of our International Office.

What do I have to do when I return to Germany? (UPDATE)

The Federal Ministry of Health agreed on the following regulations for persons entering Germany in connection with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2:

By reason of provisions issued by the federal states (Laender), persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany by land, sea or air from any country or region outside of the Federal Republic of Germany and who have spent time in a risk area, at any time within the 10 days prior to entering Germany and/or are coming from a Non-EU country are in principle required to proceed directly to their own home, or other suitable accommodation, immediately after their arrival and remain there exclusively for a period of 10 days after their entry into the country (‘quarantine’). 

You will find more information to the regulations here.

Please note that for the moment there is a requirement in Germany to cover your mouth and nose in indoor places like trains, shops pharmacy or at some streets in city centers (check signposting at streets), etc.

After arrival in Germany

After arrival you are obligated to go straight home and to stay at home 10 days in quarantine.

1. After arrival you have to register online at: https://www.einreiseanmeldung.de/#/

2. Please send also an email to FHWS health protection.

3. You are also obliged within the 10 days of quarantine to inform the responsible local health authority immediately if you experience typical symptoms of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus such as cough, fever, runny nose or loss of smell and taste.
Phone number of the local health authority in Würzburg is +49 931 80035100.
Phone number in the local health authority Schweinfurt is +49 9721 55745.

4. There is a possibilty to shorten the quaranine if you make a Corona test after 5 days after arrival and if the test result is negative.
In order to make a test, you have to make an appointment with a general practicioner („Hausärzte“):
List with general practioners in Schweinfurt
List with general practioners in Würzburg

Is there something I have to do with my residence permit, if I have not been able to come to Germany in the summer?

According to the regulations regarding the residence permit for international students in Germany, the residence permit is valid only if you do not stay longer than 6 months abroad (outside Germany).  

If you are now in your home country and because of the Corona situation you cannot travel back to Germany and if you stay longer than 6 months abroad, please inform the Foreigners Office Schweinfurt or Würzburg by email

  • auslaenderangelegenheiten@schweinfurt.de (if you are registered in Schweinfurt)
  • ausland@stadt.wuerzburg.de (if you are registered in Würzburg)  

In this e-mail, please provide the following documents/information:  

  • photo of your passport (the page with name, first name, date of birth etc.)
  • photo of the last stamp of leaving Germany or fligh ticket with the departure date
  • short information when you plan to return to Germany.  

This email/application should be sent before the 6-month period has expired. Afterwards the application is not possible anymore. Please write in the subject line of the email: Antrag nach § 51 Abs. 1 Nr. 7 AufenthG  

These steps are required for not losing the validity of your residence permit!  

If you residence permit is also going to expire, you have to contact the Foreigners Offce again by email and before the expiring date.  The list of required documents for your application for a residence permit is on the International Office's webpage, see step 4:  

Please keep in mind that if you cancel your rental contract and you do not have a residential address in Germany any more, the local Foreigners Office can do nothing for you and you will lose your residence permit. Then, in order to enter Germany, you have to apply again for a visa at the German embassy in your home country.

Third party information


For current information about the counselling services of the Studentenwerk, please refer to the Corona page of the Studentenwerk (only available in German).

Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts has provided a special FAQs page on basic questions about operations at higher education institutions, research and cultural life (only available in German).

No FAQ's found.