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Facts and Figures

Here you can see summarised statistics and developments regarding the number of students, the number of staff, or the organisational units of FHWS. You can view facts and figures as of the winter semester 2018/19 or 31 December 2017, respectively.

Number of Students

  • 9.276 students enrolled for the winter semester 2018/19
  • 6.361 of them in Würzburg and 2.915 in Schweinfurt
  • 2.748 first semester students in the winter semester 2018/19
  • 1.734 of them in Würzburg and 1.014 in Schweinfurt

FHWS number of students listed by degree programmes as PDF for download: Number of students

Degree programmes

  • 24 bachelor's degree programmes
  • four international bachelor's degree programmes
  • 18 master's degree programmes
  • three international master's degree programmes


  • 217 professors
    (131 of them in Würzburg and 86 in Schweinfurt)
  • 28 teaching staff for special requirements
    (21 in Würzburg and seven in Schweinfurt)
  • 83 academic staff
    (38 in Würzburg and 45 in Schweinfurt)
  • 297 technical and administrative staff
    (176 in Würzburg and 121 in Schweinfurt)

Organisational Units

  • ten faculties
  • six institutes
  • three central facilities
  • Campus for Professional Development and Language
  • Project BEST-FIT