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The "COMA" (COaching and Autonomous Learning MAtters) module provides practical support to students and aid in critical phases of their studies.

To ensure success for students who have to repeat an exam, COMA organises preparatory courses which aim to improve their disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills (e.g. learning strategies).

In the course of the progressing internationalisation at the University for Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, COMA offers German language courses for exchange or international students. In addition, German students who wish to work on an international level (e.g. Bachelors of Engineering) may obtain additional language qualifications for studying abroad or for entering foreign labour markets.

For standardising and revising terminology used in the translation of course material from German into English, a specialised translator creates and maintains a terminology database. Both, students and teaching personnel, will later gain access to this database. Besides linguistic information, the database offers context in which the corresponding terms are normally used.

To enable a more individual approach in catering to the needs of students, state-of-the-art teaching methods come into play. The most important tool will be the communication with students via web-based e-Learning systems. Such methods, better known as “Blended Learning”, will enable students to gain knowledge more autonomously. Therefore, teaching must find its way into the digital age, where students gain detailed access to the contents discussed during lectures and the opportunity to provide feedback to teaching persons.