View into the largest lecture room at FHWS location in Schweinfurt

University Elections at FHWS

At regular intervals, the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt holds university elections to elect the representatives of the different groups of persons at FHWS on the senate, the faculty board and the student council. For the purpose of university elections, the members of the university are divided up into four groups:

  • Group of professors
  • Group of academic and artistic staff
  • Group of other staff
  • Group of students

While the students elect their representatives for a one-year term and are thus called to vote every year, the other groups elect their representatives for a two-year term. The representatives' term in office always starts on 1 October and ends on 30 September.

Elections Administrator
Chancellor RDin Andra Wunder
Phone +49 931 3511-6051
Email andra.wunder[at]

Electoral Office Würzburg
Claudia Hahn
Phone +49 931 3511-8123
Email claudia.hahn[at]

Electoral Office Schweinfurt
Oliver Schauber
Phone +49 9721 940-633
Email oliver.schauber[at]

The university elections are governed by the election regulations for Bavarian state universities (Wahlordnung für die staatlichen Hochschulen, BayHSchWO, in German)