Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

FHWS governance

Governing bodies of FHWS

In accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz, BayHSchG) from 23 May 2006, the governing bodies of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt are as follows:

  1. The Board of Management or FHWS Management (Hochschulleitung) consisting of the president, four vice presidents and one chancellor (head of administration).
  2. The FHWS Senate (Senat) which is the elected representation of all members of FHWS complemented by third-party members; the senate resolves the legal provisions to be adopted by FHWS, determines the main areas of research, adopts proposals for the establishment, amendment and termination of degree programmes, and comments on suggested appointments of professors.
  3. The FHWS Council (Hochschulrat)which, among others, resolves the Statutes of FHWS, elects the president and vice presidents and decides on the plan for the university’s development designed by the extended FHWS management.
  4. The Extended Board of Management or Extended FHWS Management (Erweiterte Hochschulleitung) whose members advise and support the FHWS Management. In addition, they design the plan for the university’s development and present it for approval to the FHWS Council. The Extended FHWS Management consists of the members of the FHWS Management, all deans from FHWS faculties and the women’s affairs officer.

Governing bodies in our faculties

Bodies of FHWS faculties are

  1. The dean (Dekan) as head of the faculty and chair of the faculty council
  2. The dean of studies (Studiendekan) who is responsible for the courses on offer and the teaching quality of courses offered in the faculty.
  3. The faculty council (Fakultätsrat) which is responsible for everything else that is not within the responsibility of the dean or another body of the faculty.

Bodies representing our students

The highest student body at FHWS is the Student Council (Studentischer Konvent). Its members are elected across all faculties and represent the specific, economic and social interests of all students at FHWS.
Each student can become involved in the Student Representation (Studierendenvertretung) and defend the interests of all students.

University elections

The members of the FHWS Senate, the Faculty Councils and the Student Council are elected by the respective group of FHWS members they represent.

Business Advisory Board

To promote the exchange between FHWS and local industry, FHWS established the Business Advisory Board (Wirtschaftsbeirat). Its members are advisors to FHWS, for example regarding the focus of offered degree programmes.

Other organisational bodies of FHWS

FHWS administration consists of executive administrative units (Stabsstellen) and departments (Hochschulservices). Additionally, there are several officers and coordinators (Beauftragte) who are responsible for specific issues or topics.