Student Council

The Student Council (Studentischer Konvent) is the highest purely student body at the FHWS. It consists of the two student members in the FHWS Senate, the student members of the faculties' councils, the individual faculties, as well as the directly elected members for the student council.All these functions will be directly elected by the FHWS students in the annual university elections. The legislative period is two semesters and begins in the winter semester.At the constituent meeting of the student council in the winter semester, the chairperson of the student council are elected under the supervision of the president of FHWS.

In the wintersemester 2019/20, the Student Council elected as their

  • chair: Waltraud Rafalski
  • 1st deputy chair: Ilja Schirokov
  • 2nd deputy chair: Achim Winterstein

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FHWS Student Council

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