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Certificate Course in Telemedicine (in German only)

The extra-occupational certificate course Telemedicine teaches the relevant skills to plan telemedicine applications in clinics, medical practices, therapeutic facilities, and home environments.

It provides an interdisciplinary, professional base,consisting of medical, technical, economical and legal standpoints for the future healthcare service “Telemedicine” and therefore fundamentally supports a modern and future-oriented way of medical care provision.

At a glance

Type of course: Certificate course

Admission requirements: Yes (see below)

Language of instruction: German

Diploma: Academic certificate 22 ECTS

Start: Summer semester & Winter semester

Duration: 6 months, extra occupational; Required attendance: 8 weekends

FHWS Location: Schweinfurt

Institute: Medical Engineering

Costs: €1,600 (full programme: Modules 1 - 4); It is possible to take single modules

Course Details

We focus on doctors, engineers, computer scientists and skilled workers from the healthcare and technology sector.

Admission Requirements

  • University degree, followed by appropriate professional experience


  • Appropriate professional experience and proof of qualification


As a doctor, you will receive Continuing Education Credits upon completing the certificate course Telemedicine.

  • Module 1 Basic Module - General Principles of Telemedicine [10 units] (2CP

  • Module 2 Medical Principles [30 units] (5CP)

  • Module 3 Technical Principles [30 units] (5CP)

  • Module 4 Legal and Economical Principles [30 units] (5CP)

  • Module 5 Research Seminar, Final Exam and Certification Test [2 units] (5CP)

After successfully completing the final module examinations and a practical thesis (incl. oral test), you will be awarded with an Academic Certificate and 22 ECTS credits.

Please use our online application form to submit your application documents for participating in the certificate course “Telemedicine”.

Your contact for the Telemedicine certificate course:

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Phone +49 931 3511-8475
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