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Training: ERP Manager

ERP systems have become a vital part of manufacturing companies. However, ERP systems are also among the most sophisticated programmes a company can work with. It is becoming more and more difficult to gain a profitable increase in the efficiency of operations while not spending considerable amounts on the required systems to achieve such an increase. Companies increasingly depend on system houses and their specialists. Therefore, external ERP consultants and specialists are in the position to charge daily rates which are exorbitantly high.

Funded by the European Union and the Freestate of Bavaria, the ERP Manager advanced training programme is designed to close gaps in companies and to provide solutions to properly analyse ERP systems, to identify potentials for improvement and to optimise them by creating company-specific “Best-Practice-Benchmarks”.

This three-month extra-occupational and practice-oriented training offers fundamental insight into ERP systems and teaches the required skills to understand, connect, integrate and optimise ERP processes. Participants will gain opportunity to apply ERP to their own company profile. The training especially aims to reach manufacturers in Lower Franconia, and was developed in co-operation by the TGZ Würzburg, the Campus for Professional Development and the ERP laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

At a glance

Type of course: Training

Admission requirements: None

Language of instruction: German

Diploma: Certificate of Participation

Start: 15 November 2019

Duration: 3 months; Required attendance: 8 weekends

FHWS Location: Schweinfurt

Laboratory: ERP Laboratory/Faculty of Business and Engineering

In co-operation with: Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Würzburg (TGZ)

Costs: €400 (with ESF grant) or €2,000 (for non-eligible participants)

Course Details

  • Module 1 Basic Knowledge in ERP
  • Module 2 In-Depth Knowledge in ERP
  • Module 3 Colloquium

We focus on participants with relevant work experience in the field of process organisation in manufacturing companies concerning sales, calculation, order processing, order structuring, order preparation, purchasing, production management, warehouse administration, dispatching, quality assurance, controlling, accounting or IT personnel specialised in ERP systems.


Course participants may apply for funding through the European Social Fund (ESF). As employees are released from their duties for the time of the course, the attendance fee will only amount to €400. For non-eligible participants, the attendance fee will be €2,000.

Conditions for ESF grants

For the duration of the training, employees must be released from their duties by the employer. Participants must reside or have their workplace in Bavaria. Not eligible to receive the grant are: Officials, soldiers, members of corporate bodies, institutes and foundations under public law.

  • Prof. Dr. -Ing.  Friedrich Frhr. v. Loeffelholz
    Academic Course Director

  • Johannes Beckert

Your contact for the ERP Manager training:

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