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Training in Media Skills - Your Personal Presentation in Public

In today’s fast-developing media landscape, an increasing number of media providers expect faster and more detailed information. Electronic media like radio and TV are becoming more important, especially due to the impact they have on online media. Speaking before of an audience has become more important and requires a lot of practice. Spokespersons or representatives of a company, institution or association are facing an ever-increasing challenge:

  • How to represent the aims and objectives of my company, institution or association?
  • What is the optimal strategy to represent our objectives in public, for the press or for electronic media?
  • How do I present myself in front of a microphone, a camera or before an audience?

This seminar provides you with the knowledge and skills to become successful in both electronic media and before audiences.

You will receive a comprehensive overview about the Basics of Communication and Public Relations in a practice-oriented, theoretic part.

At a glance

Type of course: Training

Admission requirements: See ESF grant requirements below

Language of instruction: German

Diploma: Certificate of Participation

Start: 28.09.2018

Duration: 3 months, extra occupational; Required attendance: 4 weekends

FHWS Location: 97074 Würzburg, Magdalene-Schoch-Str. 5

Faculty: Economic Sciences (FWIWI)

In co-operation with: Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Würzburg (TGZ)

Costs: €714 (with ESF grant) , €2,856 (for non-eligible participants)

Course Details

Basics of Communication [10 units]

  • Types of Media and Journalism: Classic: Newspapers, radio, TV; Modern: Online blogs, video blogs, etc.
  • Basics of Classic Media Production: From documentaries to cinema productions
  • Cross-media productions: Financing, development, production
  • The Future of Journalism (Example: BR24)

Introduction to Audiovisual Communication [10 units]

  • Media Analysis: Visual imagery and textual forms to generate attention
  • Clips for YouTube and other UGC video platforms - My own channel
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Social Media: facebook, twitter, snapchat instagram, WhatsApp - How to create the best social media channel for our company

Public Relations [20 units]

  • Basics of Public Relations
  • How to Write A Press Release
  • Communicating with Journalists and Media Representatives
  • Conducting Press Conferences and Background Discussions
  • Speaking Before Journalists and Media Representatives
  • Online Journalism and Blogs
  • Monitoring (press, online, social media)
  • Media Analysis
  • Content Processing for Media Purposes

Speaking in front of Cameras, Microphones & Audiences [30 units]

  • Respiratory Training
  • Phonetics
  • Training for Presenters
  • How to make statements
  • Panel discussion
  • How to interview
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Media Literacy

We focus on decision-makers and employees from the areas of media, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, product management and IT, from companies of all sizes and economic sectors.


Course participants may apply for funding through the European Social Fund (ESF). As employees are released from their duties for the time of the course, the attendance fee will only amount to €300. For non-eligible participants, the attendance fee will be €2,000.

ESF grant eligibility:

For the duration of the training, employees must be released from their duties by the employer. Participants must reside or have their workplace in Bavaria. Not eligible to receive the grant are: Officials, soldiers, members of corporate bodies, institutes and foundations under public law.

  • Winfried Bürzle
    Managing Editor at Bayern 1 (radio station), Coach and Trainer for Rhetoric

  • Helmut Göb
    Media Coach

  • Tobias Bönte
    Television and online journalist

  • Gunther Schnatmann
    Media Coach and Interview Trainer

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