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Summer School Design Project Photography - Open City

At a glance

Type of course: Summer School

Admission requirements: Yes (see below)

Language of instruction: English

Start: Summer semester 2017

Duration: 5 to 8 weeks

FHWS Location: Würzburg

Faculty: Faculty of Visual design (FG)

Costs: €2,300

Course Details

The summer school aims at undergraduate students from the area of design/visual design.

Admission Requirements

At least second programme semester of studies in the area of design/visual design

Module 1: Design Project Photography (Marcus Kaiser)

  • Methodical and conceptual work with the medium of photography. Visualisation technology.
  • Theoretical and practical execution of a chosen project:
    From the idea to concept, preparation of taking photos, finding subjects for photos, realisation, selecting photos, structuring, presenting photos, and exhibition technology

Module 2: European Design or How new things come into being

  • Wickedly Attractive – New Aspects of the Renaissance Culture
    Dr. Dr. Christian A. Bauer introduces you to some key elements of renaissance culture. In two talks, he will show how the impact of a media revolution in Italy between 1300 and 1600 shaped and made people practice basic forms of human self-awareness and self-description.
  • Discovering landscape – Topography and the explosion of the eye
    The discovery of landscape has its roots in the creative arts and literature of the 13th century. Dante and Petrarch were the first poets grasping that human thoughts and emotions can actually be transferred to landscape. Discovering the central perspective together with the emerging mathematical prowess constitute the discovery of virgin territory: Space is calculable and becomes a mirror of human nature.
  • Discovering mankind – Biography and how attitudes become form
    Renaissance culture discovers anew the human being and humankind. Artists provide first anthropometric measurements (proportional teaching) and discover the relation between the image of people and their biography which can be designed individually. For the first time, human passions on one side and conscious control of one’s image on the other come into conflict.

Programme is subject to change!

When the final examinations of modules are taken successfully you will get a certificate of attendance.

Contact person for the Summer School Design Project Photography

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Melanie Gabold
Room 10.3.3
Landwehrstraße 46,
Phone +49 931 3511-8540
E-Mail melanie.gabold[at]