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Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Our offerings

Please note: Here, the focus lies on information about bachelor's degree programmes at FHWS.

You are interested in a master’s programme?

Under the section “Studying at FHWS” on the FHWS website you will find a list of all master's degree programmes offered by FHWS.

An overview about all subject areas of our bachelor's degree programmes

Visual Design

The following degree programme with Design aspects belongs to the study area of “Economics”:

The following degree programme with Design aspects belongs to the study area of “STEM”:

Information on facilities and laboratories at FHWS

Central Facilities of FHWS

The following Central Facilities of FHWS have contributed to the Virtual Study Info Week:

Further information

Dual cooperative studies

FHWS supports cooperative studies in the form of combined studies or Studies with Intensified Practice.

For students, this means the following:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes with a large practical component
  • Financial support through the cooperating company
  • In addition, students will have a vocational training completed (combined studies)
  • Smooth transition into professional life

Advantages for the cooperating company:

  • Securing highly qualified junior staff at an early stage
  • Getting to know the students intensively
  • Optimal preparation for later employment in the company
  • No training period after graduation because of extensive practical experience

Please find further information regarding our offers by visiting the Combined Studies and Studies with Intensified Practice pages.