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Business Administration

The bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration follows the goal to offer broad and practice-oriented education, based on the latest scientific findings. The programme aims particularly at equipping students with skills needed to support a company’s management in all areas of business administration and (after an adequate period of induction) to take over managerial tasks in economics and administrative or to manage their own business. Furthermore, due to the scientific and quantitative focus, this bachelor's degree programme enables you to study in Master’s programme of any university or university of applied sciences. In the second part of their studies, students will specialise in a specific combination of subjects, which allows them to identify their strengths and competencies, and enhance them further with the help of the contents they have learned in the first part of studies.

TWIN Programme

At FHWS, Business Administration and International Management form a TWIN Programme. Those programmes allow you to study both languages, German and English. Visit the overview page of FHWS degree programmes to gain further information on TWIN programmes.

Contact person for the degree programme

Prof. Dr. Christian Kille
Room S.3.14
Münzstraße 12
97070 Würzburg

Phone 0931 3511-8906
E-mail christian.kille[at]fhws.de

Information on consultation hour can be found on the faculty website

Programme offered by

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration