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Social Work

The programme’s objective is training the ability to act professionally in the various practice fields of social work based on scientific knowledge and scientific methods. Its concept is geared towards the rapid changes in the welfare state and the constantly emerging problems, as well as the socially valid claim of quality management in social work. In addition to an undergraduate education, knowledge and skills are taught that stress a behaviour-oriented approach. Social problems are analysed against the background of empirical-scientific findings and methods are used whose effectiveness is testable and verifiable. After the behaviour-oriented approach has long proved to be successful in other countries, the training provides a connection to international practice.
Taught qualifications are oriented towards the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training.

Your questions about the programme

Contact person for the degree programme

Prof. Dr. Theresia Wintergerst
Room T.2.15
Tiepolostr. 6
97070 Würzburg

Phone +49 931 3511-8926
E-mail theresia.wintergerst[at]fhws.de

Programme offered by

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

Additional advisory services

If you have questions related to programme contents, please e-mail the respective Programme Advisor. The contact data can be found on the Programme Advisors’ website.

Academic Advisory Service

The Academic Advisory Service assists students and those interested in becoming students with all enquiries regarding degree programmes. In the field of preparatory advice, the focus is on the following topics: admission requirements, financing options, study options and conditions. The most important information is provided in one-to-one discussions as well as through information events held by our University. Advisory services during studies also comprise questions about a planned change of subject/university, information regarding examination regulations, but also information about additional opportunities by taking up Studies with Intensified Practice.