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Business and Engineering (German/English)

The degree programmes in Business and Engineering in German (BWW) and English (IBE) are part of the so-called TWIN Programmes, i. e. their contents are almost identical in both languages. Over the course of their studies, students can can switch between the two languages and receive a TWIN Certificate at the end. Due to the economically and technically oriented teaching, the degree programmes offer an above-average level of career opportunities and job security. This programme’s lecturers have often worked in very high positions in the economy over many years, where they could gather experiences they will pass on to their students, along with current and future-proof knowledge. In order to prepare students for a professional career and as close to practice as possible, the learning content is applied to concrete topics from small, medium-sized and large companies in direct cooperation with companies in numerous courses. Students learn to meet the demands of management with contemporary technical, economic, methodological and social skills.

TWIN Programme

At FHWS, Business and Engineering (German & English) forms a TWIN Programme. Those programmes allow you to study both languages, German and English. Visit the overview page of FHWS degree programmes to gain further information on TWIN programmes.

Informational video of the Business and Engineering programme

Informational video of the Business and Engineering programme

Video of the degree programme in Business and Engineering (German)

Your questions about the degree programme – Student Ambassador

Video of the degree programme in Business and Engineering (English) at FHWS

Your questions about Business and Engineering answered

Contact person for the degree programme

Business and Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deutschle
Room 1.1.35
Ignaz-Schön-Str. 11
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone +49 9721 940-8684
E-mail ulrich.deutschle[at]fhws.de

Office hours: Please see the faculty’s website

Business and Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Elke Stadelmann
Room 6.1.08
Ignaz-Schön-Str. 11
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone +49 9721 940-8739
E-mail elke.stadelmann[at]fhws.de

Office hours: Please see the faculty’s website

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Faculty of Business and Engineering

Self-assessment aid

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Use the degree programme’s self-assessment aid to check if the programme is right for you!

Additional advisory services

If you have questions related to programme contents, please e-mail the respective Programme Advisor. The contact data can be found on the Programme Advisors’ website.

Academic Advisory Service

The Academic Advisory Service assists students and those interested in becoming students with all enquiries regarding degree programmes. In the field of preparatory advice, the focus is on the following topics: admission requirements, financing options, study options and conditions. The most important information is provided in one-to-one discussions as well as through information events held by our University. Advisory services during studies also comprise questions about a planned change of subject/university, information regarding examination regulations, but also information about additional opportunities by taking up Studies with Intensified Practice.