Early Study Programme - Secondary Pupils at the FHWS

In article 42 section 3, the Bavarian University Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz) allows highly capable pupils to take up studies at university prior to acquiring their entry qualification for higher education (general university entry qualification, restricted entry to higher education qualification, restricted university entry qualification). Achieved grades can later on be credited to their degree course. The pupils do not enrol at the university and legally keep their status as pupil at a sixth form college/Berufsoberschule (BOS).

At present, the degree courses Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Mathematics, Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Plastics and Rubber Engineering at FHWS offer the Early University Entry Programme. The first semesters at university are generally very suitable for early entry students. The programme aims at supporting motivated and gifted pupils according to their interests.

The following proceeding is intended:

  • Firstly, the applicant should write a letter of motivation addressed to the course counsellor of the respective degree course (Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Mathematics) listed below.
  • This will be followed by an orientation talk with the respective course counsellor at the faculty, during which, the individual courses can be defined for the respective pupil.
  • The applicant hands in the "Application for Admission to the Early Study Programme" at the Departmen of Student Affairs. The following signed declarations need to be handed in along with the application:
  1. The declaration form regarding the Conditions of Participation signed in acceptance.
  2. The power of attorney of the parents/legal guardian (only applicable for minor applicants)
  3. A confirmation of the school administration

You can find the respective forms under http://studienangelegenheiten.fhws.de/formularcenter.html (in German only)

For further information and enquiries regarding the Early University Entry Programme, please contact the academic counsellors at FHWS or the course counsellors of the degree courses Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Mathematics - they will gladly assist you.

Elmar Kemmer 
Academic Advisory Service
Phone +49 931 3511-8169 or -8168 
Email: studienberatung[at]fhws.de

Prof. Dr. Udo Müller
Course counsellor Mechanical Engineering
Phone +49 9721 940-8635
Email: udo.mueller[at]fhws.de

Prof. Dr. Bletz-Siebert
Course counsellor Industrial Mathematics  
Phone +49 9721 940-8712
Email: oliver.bletz-siebert[at]fhws.de

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Mann
Course counsellor Electrical Engineering
Phone +49 9721 940-8443
Email: ulrich.mann[at]fhws.de

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hirn
Course counsellor Mechatronics
Phone +49 9721 940-8893
Email: rainer.hirn[at]fhws.de

Dieter Lambl
Course counsellor Plastics and Rubber Engineering
Telefon +49 931 3511-8234
E-Mail dieter.lambl[at]fhws.de