FHWS building at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg Würzburg

Students in park (c) Jonas Kron

Student at machine (c) Stefan Bausewein

Students working in a group (c) Jonas Kron

Student for a Day with our Student Amabassadors

You are interested in studying at FHWS, but you still have many questions?

Which experiences are gained by students during their studies at FHWS?
What are the required skills for studying in the programme of my choice?
What exactly do you learn in degree programmes like Social Work, Industrial Mathematics, or Business Administration?

In the course of the Student for a Day project you will gain the opportunity to accompany a student of your preferred programme through her or his (virtual) lecture day and receive answers to your questions. Your chance to receive first-hand information! This way, you will receive deeper insights into a study subject, as well as into the daily life of students. 

Please note: Most lectures will be given virtually in the current semester. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the exchange of information is limited to phone calls and digital media. The possibility of participating in a virtual lecture for prospective students will be checked from case to case. It is currently not possible to visit university buildings. Visiting lectures is only possible during the lecture period, i. e. currently until the end of June.

Still, personal conversations with students of your desired degree programme and receiving valuable, first-hand information is absolutely worth it.

Click the following link to register for Student for a Day – Students give you a tour through FHWS.