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Applying for studies at FHWS

APPLY, the online application portal of FHWS, is where you can apply for admission to a bachelor´s degree programme at FHWS.
In case of admission restricted degree programmes, you have to register with Hochschulstart first.

Information for persons interested in taking up studies for the Bachelor´s in Business Analytics (1st Semester)
and in Betriebswirtschaft (
1st Semester) and for the Master´s Managing Global Dynamics (1St Semester)


Applications for the numerus clausus allocation procedure required due to the restricted access to the German-taught Bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics, the German-taught Bachelor´s programme in Betriebswirtschaft (Business Administration) and the English-taught Master´s programm in Managing Global Dynamics were only possible by 15 July 2022.


Independent from this special procedure, there is the possibility to get a study place on these programmes, if not all the places have been able to be allocated by the official numerus clausus procedure. If you want to apply for this kind of place, you can send an e-mail with your application (with curricumlum vitae and a valid higher education entrance qualification for this degree programme via Studienplatzbörse of Hochschulkompass (a portal for programmes where access is restricted by numerus clausus). You will find the e-mail address on the page of the Studienplatzbörse. Please note, that this page is only available in German!



Application deadlines

The application period for the Summer semester 2023 runs from 15 November 2022 through 15 January 2023.

Please note the information provided in APPLY, the online application portal of FHWS!

On the following pages, you will find information about

For the degree programmes Architecture and Communication Design, there is an aptitude test.
Information about the test for Architecture.
Information about the test for Communication Design.

As a rule, guest students can only be enrolled for lectures. Participation in other types of courses (e.g. seminars) is only possible as far as the course of studies of regular students is not compromised.
Please talk to the respective lecturer whether participation is possible before you start the enrolment process. Guest students are generally not allowed in language courses. Enrolment for courses of admissions restricted degree programmes is not possible.
Guest students are not allowed to sit examinations.

Guest students have to pay tuition fees.

Information and the application form for admission as guest student are available in the form centre

Talented students still completing their secondary education can be permitted to attend lectures. Decision about the admission of secondary students to these early studies in accordance with Article 42 (3) BayHSchG is made jointly by the secondary school and FHWS.
Secondary students can then take leave of absence via the head of school. Attending courses within the chosen degree programme at FHWS is the substitute for missed lessons at school and is considered a school event. The decision about how many lessons students may miss is made by the secondary school.
Information and the application form for admission to early studies are available in the form centre.