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Dual Cooperative Studies

This special offer by FHWS makes it possible to connect theory and practice in a unique way. Depending on the type of dual cooperative studies, academic studies are either connected to a vocational training (“Verbundstudium”, Combined Studies) or to intensified internship periods at a company (“Studium mit vertiefter Praxis”, Studies with Intensified Practice).

The general application procedure applies.

All information mentioned above is available as download from our form centre.

Information about admission to combined studies

If you plan to or already have concluded a training contract for combined studies, please submit a copy of it together with your application documents to FHWS.

If you received a letter of admission from FHWS, but cannot take this university place because you first have to complete one year of practical training, you are considered as admitted in advance for the following year.

The prerequisite is that the applicant

  1. has taken up the vocational training and
  2. has been admitted to the degree programme at the beginning or during the vocational training.

Information about being admitted in advance

If you start a vocational training, please apply in the same year (between 1 May and 15 July) for a place at FHWS. If you get a letter of admission, you may not be able to take up studies, but instead you will be admitted in advance for the following year. This admission in advance is only possible at the higher education institution from which you received the letter of admission.

To make use of this admission in advance, it is necessary to again apply in the following year with all documents in due time and properly at FHWS between 1 May and 15 July. Please attach proof of participation in the Combined Studies by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (“Industrie- und Handelskammer”) as well as the letter of admission from last year. Therefore: Keep every letter of admission in a safe place!