Process in our online application portal APPLY

You discovered your desired degree programme(s) at FHWS? In this case, we are looking forward to your application(s)!

Please read about the steps of the application process in our online application portal APPLY. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us further questions using the contact form.

Step 1: Registering in the online portal

Please register with your current valid e-mail address. We will send all information regarding your application as well as changes in your application status to this e-mail address. Please only register once, even if you plan to apply for several degree programmes!

Please note: If you plan to apply for bachelor's programme with restricted admission, make sure to apply at Hochschulstart first!

Step 2: Entering your application details

During the application process, you will be asked for many information we need for your application. If you plan to apply for several degree programmes, please make sure to provide all information required for each of these degree programmes. The information you give during this step is the basis for all your applications.

Please take care to fully complete the information for your CV - from acquiring your higher education entrance qualification up to the presumed start of studies. Especially important are all periods of previous studies at higher education institutions in Germany or abroad.


Step 3: Checking the summary of application details

At the end, you will see a summary of the information you provided in the section Summary. Please check whether everything is correct and then save your application. Now, your e-mail address is used to create your personal account for the online application portal. The exact login information will be sent to your e-mail address. Please also check your spam folder.

Step 4: Submitting/Uploading documents

At the end of the online application process, you can upload your documents. Please make sure to upload all documents that are required. Feel free to put together multiple documents to one meaningful PDF file and choose an explicit name for it. You can submit missing documents anytime by the end of the period specified for it.

Step 5: Processing your application

When you submitted your application, we will process it. You will be informed by e-mail as soon as your application status changes.

Please be patient. During the application period we receive very many applications. Any communication about your personal application is done via your e-mail address, also, for example, if we request missing documents. Please make sure to check the inbox of your e-mail account regularly in order to be able to answer our e-mails as soon as possible.

Step 6: Accepting the place at FHWS

If you are admitted to studies at FHWS and want to accept your place at FHWS, please follow the following steps:

  1. Online enrolment / confirmation of admission
    1. Please upload a current passport photo. This photo is used to create your personal FHWS Card and will thus be your constant companion during your studies here.
    2. Then please enter the information regarding your health insurance and authorise the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for paying the semester fee.
      Important for applicants with higher education entrance qualification obtained abroad:
      You can choose whether you want to authorise the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for paying the semester fee or whether you want to pay via bank transfer during the enrolment process. In the case of bank transfer, you will receive a corresponding payment request when you enrol in person (see Step 7).
      In this step now, you are not able to enter information on your health insurance. Please produce the relevant document(s) when you enrol in person (see Step 7).
    3. When you have entered all required information, the official letter of admission is created and made available for download. This letter will not be sent by e-mail or post!
  2. Written acceptation of the place at FHWS
    Please print the enrolment form (Immatrikulationsantrag) attached to the letter of admission. Sign it and send it together with the required documents to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) within the given time limit. If you are below 18 years, please note that this enrolment request must additionally be signed by your parent or a person having parental authority.

Please note: If you are admitted to several programmes, you can only accept the place in one degree programme. You will have to make a decision!

Schritt 7: Enrolling for your degree programme

For your personal safety, we will introduce an enrolment process that does not involve your personal attendance. After having been admitted to and having accepted your place at FHWS (see step 6), the enrolment will take place purely digitally and by mail.

Please follow the link to the webpage Information for 1st year students.

Step 7: Enrolling for your degree programme in person

Right before the start of the semester, you have to enrol in person during the period specified in the letter of admission. For more details, please refer to the page on admission and enrolment.

Please note: Enrolment is only possible in person, so authorising a proxy for this part is not allowed!



Explanation of application comments

Application phase

Status Comment
Draft Your application has the status DRAFT. Please note that draft applications will not be considered. If you want to apply for this degree programme, please confirm by clicking on "Submit".
Received We received your application. Please make sure to provide required documents, especially your higher education entrance certificate, by making them available via document upload.
In progress We have received your application which is currently being processed. Please note that at this point you are no longer able to change your application details.
Returned An application has been returned to you with the request to provide further information. Note in particular the status comment and make sure to re-submit the application.
Withdrawn You have withdrawn your application, because you are no longer interested in this degree programme. Please note that WITHDRAWN applications will not be considered. If you want to re-apply, please confirm by clicking on "Submit".

Admission phase

Status Comment
Admitted Please confirm your admission by clicking on "Enrol", if you want to enrol for this programme. Please make sure to keep the deadline for enrolment!
Enrolment After having been admitted, you enrolled online. To complete your enrolment, you need to print the enrolment form (Immatrikulationsantrag), sign it and send it to FHWS within the time limit! Electronically submitted enrolment forms are not sufficient! The enrolment form is attached to your letter of admission.
Enrolled We received your enrolment (Immatrikulationsantrag) form.
You have revoked your enrolment. Please note that revoked enrolments will not be considered.
Excluded Your application has been excluded from the admission procedure. For more information, please refer to the notification of exclusion.

Special application procedures (e.g. selection procedures, in particular Hochschulstart)

Status Comment
Valid Valid applications have been reviewed and are correct. They will take part in the allocation procedure.
Offer of
You have received an offer of admission via For more information, also about accepting this offer, please refer to the Application portal of the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV).
Eliminated You have been eliminated from the admission procedure, because you accepted another offer of admission via or you have been made another offer of admission into a higher prioritised degree programme.
Rejected There has been a selection process. Unfortunately, admission for your application was not possible. For more information, please refer to the notification of rejection.
Your application has been preliminarily excluded from the admission procedure. For more information, e.g. about missing documents or similar, please refer to the status comment or contact a member of staff.