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Exam registration

Registration period

For the winter semester 2019/20, the exam registration in all bachelor’s and master’s programmes takes place online from 4 through 15 November 2019. An application for subsequent exam registration for justified cases can be submitted in writing to HSST no later than 22 November 2019.

Please note: for the expiring Diplom programmes, you can register only directly at HSST.

In accordance with the FHWS Examination Board’s decision, applications for the compensation for disadvantages as well as applications for grade improvement (only for bachelor’s programmes) are accepted by HSST no later than 15 November 2019.
For general electives (AWPM), there is no registration necessary, if the elective was assigned.

In cases of disagreement (e.g. missing examination id or with master’s students who have to take exams from the corresponding bachelor’s programme) please contact HSST immediately (contact persons).

Important information regarding exam registration

When taking exams, please note the standard dates and deadlines according your programme’s study and examination regulations.

Take into account that you have to fulfil all particular admission requirements until the examination date. Particular admission requirements must be fulfilled within the periods determined by the lecturers.

For exams graded with “non-sufficient”, the following periods for re-sitting exams apply:

  • First re-sit: within one semester
  • Second re-sit: within one year

If you cannot register for exams within these periods, you have to apply for the extension of deadlines at the examination committee via HSST. If you apply for the extension of deadlines due to health issues or withdraw from exams, please take care of the information about necessary information in a medical certificate given on the application form.