Re-enrolment and fees

Re-enrolment periods

For summer semesters: 15 through 31 January

For winter semesters: 1 through 15 July

You can re-enrol or change your re-enrolment information during these periods only (if, for example, your bank account has changed).

If your bank account changes outside the re-enrolment period, please inform the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) immediately. To do so, please use the HSST Contact Form.

You can re-enrol online via the

Student Portal

The re-enrolment option is only visible and can only be conducted during the re-enrolment period.

Information concerning bank accounts

Please note, that for re-enrolment via direct debit transfer system only German accounts belonging to the students themselves can be considered. If you have a foreign bank account, you have to actively transfer the amount to the bank account stated below and re-enrol without registering during the online process.

Independent from previous authorisation of FHWS for direct debit transactions, stating your banking details and IBAN/BIC is only necessary, if your banking details are not yet visible or have changed since the last re-enrolment. If you do not know your personal IBAN and BIC for your German account, you can calculate your IBAN with the help of the IBAN calculator of Sparkasse Mainfranken-Würzburg. If you banking details appear in the coloured box (green) after submitting them, re-enrolment has been successful. Usually, there is also a corresponding text given.

Re-enrolment procedure

Please save a PDF of your successfull re-enrolment screen as proof. Usually not later than two weeks after the end of the re-enrolment period, you will get an e-mail confirming successful re-enrolment; it will be sent to your FHWS e-mail address. There will also be a reminder sent to all students not having re-enrolled.

If online re-enrolment has been recorded successfully, the administrative fees for the Studentenwerk will be debited from your account. You will get an information e-mail with more details.

Please check the debit order carefully. In case of a return debit, the amount including a return debit fee must transferred to the bank account given below so your FHWS card can be validated for the new semester. If this is not done, your FHWS Card will lose its validity!

If you miss the re-enrolment period, you will get an opportunity to re-enrol. Please wait for the reminder about missed re-enrolment! Late re-enrolment is done by transferring the administrative fees for the Studentwerk to the FHWS bank account given below. Please always state your matriculation number as purpose so we can clearly assign the payment to your student record! You will not be charged extra fees for a late re-enrolment.

After successful direct debit transaction or bank transfer, you will be automatically re-enrolled for the next semester. In addition, your enrolment certificate will be made available online. Now you can also validate your FHWS card for the new semester. You will be informed in time about the starting date for validating your card

What happens if fees cannot be debited from my bank account?

The following applies to SEPA direct debit authorisation:

  1. Direct debit transactions can only be carried out if funds are sufficient. If funds in the account are insufficient, the bank will not carry out the transaction and FHWS will be informed (returned debit).
  2. A return debit will also happen, if the account holder withdraws their authorisation after the transaction has been carried out or the banking details are incorrect.

The Staatsoberkasse (responsible for all banking transactions by state institutions) will charge FHWS for any returned direct debit transactions (see 1. and 2.) as well as for costs for reimbursement of its own and third-party expenses.

If there was a returned direct debit transaction, you will be informed by e-mail about the amount of return debit fees. The sum total (semester fees plus return debit fee) must be actively transferred within 14 days and not later than 30 September (for winter semesters) or 14 March (for summer semesters). A new direct debit is not initiated.

Card validation will only be made available after full payment has received.

FHWS banking details for re-enrolment

Please use this banking details for re-enrolment only!

Account name: Hochschule Würzburg (Staatsoberkasse Bayern)
IBAN: DE81 7005 0000 3101 1903 15
Bank name: Bayerische Landesbank München
Purpose: [Please provide your matriculation number and name]

Please state the purpose in this order (matriculation no. then name), otherwise your payment cannot be assigned. If you do not yet have a matriculation number, please enter your application number and degree programme instead.

Current semester fee

Semester fee for Würzburg (summer 2019)

Studentenwerk: 62,00 Euro
Semester ticket: 78,10 Euro

Total: 140,10 Euro

Semester fee for Schweinfurt (summer 2019)

Studentenwerk: 60,00 Euro
Semester ticket: 35,70 Euro

Total: 95,70 Euro

Fees for guest students

Guest students have to pay a fee of at least € 100.00. The exact amount depends on the number of courses taken.