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Leisure group

you are new to Würzburg or you just want to spend time with other students and explore the city?

Then we have a tip for you! Our leisure group!

Flyer leisure group

We would like to find a date together with you for a first meeting, where you can get to know each other over tea, cookies & co. in a cozy atmosphere and we can clarify further dates, activities and organizational things.

All students who feel like it are invited.

For this purpose, we have created a Doodle list with 2 possible dates (29th November or 1st December) and would ask you to vote by 24th November at the latest, which date would suit you: https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/aANX9Y3b .

We will let you know about the decided date and place by mail.

We are looking forward to a nice evening with you!

01 Feb 2022: Project start

31 Mar 2022: Mentally healthy studies for FHWS staff - Interactive online forum

22 June 2022: Health day at the FHWS in Schweinfurt: In cooperation with the AOK Bayern, we organized a whole day on the topic of health at the FHWS in Schweinfurt with a course of "Qigong", "Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)" and an information booth.


Current events

Dealing with Crises - A Workshop (in german)

"Was kann ich tun, wenn es mir oder anderen schlecht geht?"- ein Themenabend zum Umgang mit Krisen

Neben Basiswissen aus der Resilienzforschung bietet der Workshop Gelegenheit, konkrete und praktische "Erste Hilfe für die Psyche" kennenzulernen und sich mit anderen zu diesen Themen auszutauschen.

Wann? Donnerstag, 15.12.22, 18.30 Uhr - 21.30 Uhr

Wo? KHG Würzburg

Referent:innen: Saskia und Paul Rieser, Gabriele Denner
Anmeldung bis 12.12.22 unter khg[at]bistum-wuerzburg.de

Weitere Infos gibt es auf der Homepage der KHG.

  • July - August 2022: Free surprise offers "Fitness" or "Relaxation" of the vhs Würzburg (Homepage of the vhs Würzburg)
  • 12 May 2022:KIS and Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. invite you to discuss small and big questions regarding mental health while studying.
  • 12 Jan 2022: Online seminar self-care (5 dates, GoToMeeting), event organiser: Psychotherapeutic counselling of the Studentenwerk (pbs[at]studentenwerk-wuerzburg.de)
  • 10 Nov 2021: Online seminar stress management (5 dates, GoToMeeting), event organiser: Psychotherapeutic counselling of the Studentenwerk (pbs[at]studentenwerk-wuerzburg.de)
  • 03 Dec 2021: Mentally impaired students - subsidiary support for FHWS-staff, event organiser: Sandra Mölter, Contact and information centre for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses (KIS) (kis[at]uni-wuerzburg.de)