Accessibility at FHWS


Accessibility and Description of University Buildings

This page and all sub-pages are currently being translated. For more information on accessibility of FHWS locations and sites, please contact

Assistant to the Officer for Disabled or Chronically Ill Students
Florian Blauth
Phone +49 931 3511-6096 or -6002
E-Mail assistenz.behindertenbeauftragter[at]

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Technical Aids

  • In the premises of the FHWS acoustic systems are provided for students with impaired hearing. Further information about equipment, usage and contacts is provided in the information brochure regarding the acoustic system for students with impaired hearing.
  • Information of the Deutsches Studentenwerk regarding technical aids and assistants*
  • Information about assistive technology, provided by Disabled World
  • Most software in computers or mobiles provides ease of access. Using this, contents or information can be entered or issued in alternative form. Useful functions are: Narrator, voice control, high contrast mode, magnifier, on-screen keyboard, subtitles, flash signals and others. Detailed information can be accessed online on the web page of the concerned operation system.
  • In addition to internal applications of the operation system, computer programmes and apps can be used to facilitate the usage. Computer programmes are often specialised on certain constraints: Screen reader for blind computer users, apps for narrator and communication with images, software for people with learning disabilities and others.
  • Modifications for a computer or a mobile can facilitate the handling or communication in addition. Useful adaptions may be:  Braille display (computer output device for blind people), eye-tracking control, keyboard or computer mouse adaptions and others.

Assistance for Lecturers and Employees of the FHWS on Implementation of Accessibility

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