Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs (HSST), sometimes also called examination or student office, is providing information to persons interested in studying at FHWS when it comes to application, admission, or registration and enrolment, but is also a first point of contact for students when it comes to registering for exams, examination dates, information on grades, re-enrolment, and internships. Within the team there are different members responsible for different degree programmes. They give information about all organisational issues during the course of studies. You can also get information on possible fees at HSST.

In the Student Portal provided by HSST you can register for exams, view your grades, re-enrol and update your contact information online. Additionally, you can print your current certificate of enrolment as well as a confirmation of your periods of study. Additionally, the Student Portal offers the Study Monitor where you can see certain key figures about your study success and study progress. The Study Monitor also contains an early-warning mechanism and recommendations related to your course of study.

As part of HSST, the FHWS Internship Office provides information on internships that are part of a degree programme, either as pre-study internship or as the internship during the practical semester.Opens external link in new window

If you have general questions before making the decision to study at FHWS, for example on admission requirements, financing options, study opportunities, academic conditions, or during your studies, perhaps on changing the subject or the university, questions related to examination regulations, issues about additional qualification, then please contact the Academic Advisory Service or the degree programme advisor.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar for the past, the current and for the next semester is available here as PDF download.

  • Academic calendar for the summer semester 2022 (PDF) Version: 2021-11-17: German | English

  • Academic calendar for the winter semester 2021/22 (PDF) Version: 2021-10-04: German | English

  • Academic calendar for the summer semester 2021 (PDF) Version 2021-01-13: German | English

  • Academic calendar for the winter semester 2020/21 (PDF) Version 2020-09-23: German | English

  • Academic calendar for the summer semester 2020 (PDF) Version: 2020-05-28: German | English

  • Academic calendar for the winter semester 2019/20 (PDF) Version: 2019-04-04: German| English