Pre-study Internship

All graduates from specialised secondary schools who want to change their specialisation when taking up studies as well as all applicants without any subject-specific training have to complete a six-week internship relevant to their degree programme before the start of studies (pre-study internship).

Below you will find all degree programmes where a pre-study internship is necessary, its duration as well as further information about it.

If you cannot complete the pre-study internship before the start of your studies, missing weeks can be made up for by the end of your 2nd semester.

Information about the pre-study internship is also available as PDF download (German only; non-accessible).

Architecture (BA)

Civil Engineering (BB)

Plastics and Rubber Engineering (BKE)

Healthcare Management (BMG)

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Pre-study internship must have been carried out as a practical activity serving the bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management in a company or another suitable health-related institution.

Mechanical Engineering (FM)

Mechatronics (BMC; German) and Mechatronics (IMC; English)

Social Work (BSA)

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Pre-study internship in residential facilities, hospital, kindergarten, counselling centres, sheltered workshops, nursing homes or similar facilities

Business and Engineering (BWW; German) and Business and Engineering (IBE; English);