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Welcome message for 1st semester students (English Subtitles)

FHWS Orientation Day

Additional information can be found on the FHWS intranet page with additional help for 1st year students (mostly in German), which can be accessed after logging in with your FHWS account (k-number) and password.

You may also read our faq for students about questions about

  • health & safety
  • start and course of the semester
  • opening hours, services, accessibility of facilities
  • international matters
  • exams
  • third party information

Five steps for your online enrolment

Due to health and safety regulations, we have introduced an online enrolment procedure for the upcoming winter semester 2020/21 that takes place online or by mail instead of the procedure where your personal attendance is required after being admitted to FHWS and having accepted your place (by sending in the declaration of acceptance/enrolment form).

The enrolment procedure for the winter semester 2020/21 takes place as described below:

Online enrolment winter semester 2020/21

Step 1: Send all documents required for the enrolment

Having accepted your place at FHWS, send in as soon as possible any possibly missing documents to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) via the contact form.
In general, this includes the following documents:

  • A copy of your ID card/passport
  • A copy of your higher education entrance qualification (non-certified)
  • Health insurance certificate of (or exemption from) your health insurance provider (including two additional notifications of which one is used for the enrolment, the other for the de-registration from FHWS)
    If you are an applicant from abroad, please note: If you have not yet arrived in Germany, it is enough to send in the digital health insurance certificate as a first step!
  • SEPA direct debit mandate (if available)
  • Proof of required language skills (if required)
  • Scholastic aptitude test TestAS (only required for Robotics applicants)
  • Consent of your legal representatives (if required)

Please see the declaration of acceptance/enrolment form for information about which documents have been requested for enrolment for your specific case.

Step 2: Pay the semester fee before the start of the lectures

Then you have to pay the semester fee. If you authorised a SEPA direct debit mandate together with your declaration of admittance/enrolment form, the fee will be automatically debited to your bank account. In this case, please ensure that your account is sufficiently funded.

If you didn’t authorise a SEPA direct debit mandate or if you receive the documents (see Step 1 above) required for enrolment after 10 October 2020 (for bachelor's programmes with restricted admission) or 10 September 2020 (for all other degree programmes), you will get an e-mail with the request for payment together with a bank transfer form via our online application portal. In this case, please transfer the exact amount stated there with the specified reason for payment as soon as possible to the given bank account.

Please note: We can send you the documents mentioned below no earlier than when we have received your payment. Those documents, however, are absolutely necessary in order to take up studies at FHWS.

Step 3: Receive your IT login data via the online application portal

After we received all documents required for enrolment as well as your payment of the semester fee, you will get an e-mail informing you that your personal IT login data for FHWS systems are now available in the online application portal. From this point in time on, you can not only use the IT infrastructure of FHWS, but also and especially participate in the online events of FHWS.

Step 4: Receive your FHWS Card by mail

If you saved a German address in the online application portal we will now also send your FHWS Card by mail.
It is therefore highly important that the address saved in the online application portal is always the address you actually stay at. If you want to change your address, for example because you move to your study location, is possible at any time during the whole admission and enrolment procedure.

If you are an applicant from abroad, please note:
If you do not yet have a German address where we can send mail to at the time of enrolment, our International Office will receive your FHWS Card and hand it out to you after your arrival in Würzburg or Schweinfurt. In this case, please contact the staff at the International Office in due time by e-mail to welcome[at]

Step 5: Validate your FHWS Card

Please be aware that your FHWS Card (mentioned in step 4 above) is not yet valid when you receive it so you won’t be able to use the various functionalities.

Information about the card’s functionalities as well as the validation machines on our campuses are available from our websites. There, you will also find the currently restricted opening hours of the respective buildings.

Additional help and contact information

If you have further question about the admission or enrolment process and cannot find the answer on the website of the Department of Student Affairs (HSST), please do not hesitate to send a message via the contact form.