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Werden Sie ein Teil von CAIRO

Auf dem Foto ist ein Mensch beim Bedienen eines Roboters zu sehen.

Das Team von CAIRO befindet sich derzeit im Aufbau.

Die FHWS profiliert sich durch ausgeprägte Internationalisierungsmaßnahmen, unterstützt die Region durch Wissenstransfer, insbesondere durch die Gründung des Center of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics (CAIRO), und legt großen Wert auf hohe Qualitätsstandards. Um den Fokus auf angewandte Forschung zu verstärken, werden vier Professuren (W2) ausgeschrieben. Die Professuren und die Aktivitäten ihrer Inhaberinnen oder Inhaber werden das Herz des Centers sein. Von ihnen wird erwartet, dass sie aktiv Industrieprojekte verfolgen um den Wissenstransfer aus der Hochschule in die Industrie zu ermöglichen. Alle Stellen werden an der Fakultät Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik (FIW) in Würzburg verankert sein.

Die bald ausgeschriebenen Stellen werden im Folgenden beschrieben. Außerdem finden Sie Informationen zum Leben und Arbeiten in der Region Mainfranken und zu Professuren an Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften allgemein.

Offene Stellen

W2 Professorship in Mathematical Foundations of Trustful Learning

FHWS offers a broad range of practice- and future-oriented study options through more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programmes in ten faculties and eight research institutes. With more than 230 professors and over 9,000 enrolled students, FHWS, the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, is one of the largest of its kind in Bavaria. It makes its name through distinctive internationalisation measures, supports the region through the transfer of knowledge, in particular with the development of digitalisation, and places great value on high quality standards. Join our innovative team and benefit from a great deal of flexibility and the close connection to cooperation partners within FHWS.

In the context of the AI Network established by the Free State of Bavaria through its High-tech Agenda (HTA) and the network’s nodal point in Würzburg, FHWS is building the “Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO)” - cairo.fhws.de In the future-oriented field of Artificial Intelligence, the new Master’s programme Artificial Intelligence (MAI) started in the summer semester 2022.

We are currently looking to fill the following position:


Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems

W2 Professorship in Mathematical Foundations of Trustful Learning


Reference number: 61.1.454




We are looking for a researcher with fundamental theoretical and practical experience and the abilities to successfully represent this field in research and teaching. The successful candidate is a personality from the computer science, mathematics or related fields with a developed research profile, practical experience and proven experience in at least two of the following areas:

  • interpretable and explainable AI
  • adversarial attacks
  • differential privacy
  • homomorphic encryption
  • privacy preserving learning
  • model uncertainty (prediction calibration, conformal prediction)
  • fairness and algorithmic bias


Substantial knowledge in the fields Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning are expected.

Furthermore, we expect your willingness to become actively involved in building and implementing the competence center CAIRO into the cross-faculty research institute for Digital Engineering (IDEE) as well as into to new study opportunities of FHWS in the area of AI.

Post holders will have a decreased teaching load of 50% for this research professorship. Therefore, they should initiate and execute application-oriented research and development projects, initially for five years, while the teaching load is reduced to 9 weekly hours per semester. This will be agreed in an objectives agreement with FHWS.Teaching activities focus on the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We expect the post holder to be willing to take over courses in the foundation modules of computer science as well as related subject areas, even in other faculties if necessary. Courses are to be taught in English as language of instruction.

We also expect that related courses can be taught in German within two years after starting the position

For the professor's position we would also expect:


  • Our University is becoming a bilingual higher education institution. Therefore, we assume that you offer the courses in both German and English. A very good command of English is a prerequisite.
  • Willingness to regularly visit international universities with strategic relations to FHWS.
  • Active participation in the further development of the faculty and the university;
  • Commitment in the internationalisation and self-administration of our University and participation in applied research projects and in the area of technology and knowledge transfer.

Position is to be filled as soon as possible, your place of employment will be our location in Würzburg.

Employment requirements:

In order to be employed as a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, the following conditions have to be fulfilled (Article 7 (3) of the Bayerisches Hochschulpersonalgesetz, BayHSchPG

  • a PhD in a programme relevant for the professorship;
  • pedagogical aptitude, generally demonstrated through teaching and training experience;
  • outstanding research skills, usually proven by a publication record, including relevant conferences and journals;
  • extraordinary accomplishments in the application or development of research results and methods in at least five years of professional experience; three of those five years have to be completed outside of academia 
  • Industry experience also includes positions of at least 50% working hours in leading -- applied -- research organizations (like Fraunhofer,Helmholtz, ...)

The Free State of Bavaria not only offers ideal working conditions and excellent quality of life, but also special, state-specific salary regulations.

Fulfilling tasks, time flexibility and autonomy promote the balance between work, family and leisure time. Committed colleagues form a highly motivated team and will support you right from the start. FHWS promotes professional equality for women and strives to significantly increase the ratio of women especially in academic staff. Applications from female candidates are particularly welcome. The Women’s Affairs Officer of the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Isabel John, is happy to answer your questions (isabel.john@fhws.de).

Only persons under the age of 53 can become civil servants, all other persons will become public employees under private law. In case of essentially identical aptitude, skills and accomplishments, applicants with disabilities will be employed preferably.

If you feel qualified and are keen to be professor at FHWS, we look forward to your convincing application with the usual documents (CV, certificates, evidence of your professional stations as well as the scientific work). Please provide (if available) your google-scholar ID / dblp ID or alike. Application is handled via our Online Portal (only)

Deadline: 12 June 2022. 


Research Collaborator – PhD or postdoc level

The successful candidate shall join the research team of CAIRO under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Magda Gregorová (the PhD shall be co-supervised by another university professor, tbd based on the research topic) and benefit from research collaboration opportunities within the CAIRO center as well as with other research centers in the Institut Digital Engineering (IDEE) of FHWS. Preferred research topics include (but are not limited to) generative models (VAE, INN, etc.) for density estimation and representation learning for downstream tasks (such as learned compression, inverse problems and uncertainty calibration), and few shot learning aimed at robotic applications.

The positions are German TVL13 with expected net salary 2000-2600EUR,  based in Würzburg, Germany (in the northwest of Bavaria). The contract duration is 4 yrs for the PhD, 2-3yrs for postdoc.

We seek strongly motivated self-driven candidates wishing to develop their research competences (ample training opportunities), and dedicate to delivering solid research results. The PhD candidates shall have good background in math, probability and statistics, programming and preferably at least basics of ML/DL. They shall hold a MSc degree (or be close to obtaining one) in a technical field with these in the curriculum. The postdoc candidate shall have relevant publication record and be able to outline and develop research in ML/DL. Excellent level of spoken and written English is a must.

Interested candidates shall sent to magda.gregorova@fhws.de:

  1.    Academic CV (including list of publications)
  2.    Academic transcript (BSc, MSc)
  3.    Motivation letter (500words)
  4.    Research proposal (500words)
  5.    Contact details of 2 referees (no need for reference letters)

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact magda.gregorova[at]fhws.de directly.


About CAIRO: Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is a new research center established at the FHWS under the Hightech Agenda Bayern. The objective of the Center is to take up current topics in artificial intelligence and research them for the sake of society while facilitating effective knowledge transfer to the practical domain within various industry sectors. The focus is also on a more holistic understanding of AI – as opposed to isolated individual scenarios, which is the typical practice today. Ethical and legal aspects of AI will play an important role.


About Würzburg: The city of Würzburg is located in Lower Franconia in the northwest of Bavaria and is well-known for its exquisite wines. With 130,000 inhabitants, Würzburg is not the largest city in Bavaria, but it sure has a lot to offer! In addition to flourishing culture and entertainment, Würzburg is characterised by its vineyards, the central Ringpark and the riverbank of the Main. The river extends several kilometres through the city and invites you to relax on the banks with its numerous trees and meadows.